I teach in Ra’anana and offer four types of classes. Indoor classes take place from my private studio at Hahayil street and outdoor classes take place at Alon Garden in Khativat Givati street, Ra’anana. After you book into either an outdoor or indoor class you will receive an extremely detailed email with the details, please check your spam if not received.

In-Person Classes


The first class you attend is free! Please email me to request a free pass to try a class. 

Regular Classes:
  • 1 Credit: ₪ 65
  • 4 Credits a month: ₪ 240 (₪ 60 per class)
  • 6 Credits a month: ₪ 348 (₪ 58 per class)
  • 8 Credits a month: ₪ 440 (₪ 55 per class)
  • 10 Credits a month: ₪ 530 (₪ 53 per class)
  • 12 Credits a month: ₪ 600 (₪ 50 per class)

You can use your credits however you wish, they expire at the end of the month. Classes are taught in English to both men and women together (there is one women’s only class a week). Once you book into a class you will receive an email with the exact address.

If you would like to come to a class but none of the times suit you please email me to let me know when would suit you!

Classes must be booked in advance. It is a small studio and space is limited. If you do not book in advance there is no guarantee that there will be a space for you. You can book a class by registering a free account with https://live.vcita.com/site/qigonginthepark. The schedule is available on this link and you can book into classes using it.

Boutique Qi Gong Classes

A Boutique class is a private class just for you and your friends at a time of your choice. Spend time with your friends getting strong and healthy together, while experiencing the wonders of Qi! We focus on specific health issues and each individual gets personalised attention. Because it’s just you and your friends, weekly boutique classes tend to be more relaxed and lots of fun!  Maximum 5 or 6 people. Boutique classes are also great for couples or a few couples to do together! If the class is during the day you have the option to do it outdoors or indoors! It’s your choice! Boutique classes are either in the day or night! The latest time slot I could do is 8pm at night.

NIS 200 per person per class. First time trial price of NIS 100 per person.

Once a Week, Monthly Membership: (NIS 190 per class): NIS 760 per month per person.

Private Qi Gong Sessions for Adults

A private session is for individuals who would like personalised attention or need to focus on a very specific health issue. Individuals with limited mobility who need to increase their mobility in order to, later on, be able to join a class would also benefit from private classes. 

NIS 250 per session. 

Online Qi Gong Classes that you can Start Now!

If the schedule of classes does not suit you, you can do online courses! Now you can still do qi gong when it suits you! For a flat fee of ₪ 120 per month you can do Qi Gong every day if you like! 10% is donated to HaBayit Shel Benji, a house that support lone soldiers in Ra’anana! To learn more and sign up for a 2 week free trial at www.dailycupofqi.com 

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